A collection of work that includes short films, public service announcements, experimental and commercial projects.


ALITUF is a content creation company that independently develops and produces creative stories incorporating emerging technologies across mulit-platforms. I formed ALITUF with the spirit of investing my creative energies to innovate and craft stories that elevate and inspire the human experience.


Cinema, has emerged as a universal language with the remarkable capacity to extend and elevate us like no other art form, communicating to those deep and shared aspects within all of us no matter what part of the planet we may inhabit.

When presented with meaningful story, we become the recipient of a gift that can bring forth a supernal transformation within us, we are not the same person after, we are altered in some way, something lingers, something prods, something gestates giving us a glimpse behind the curtain of our true breadth and depth.

Currently, the majority of our mainstream media feels stalled in old narratives of violence, sex and greed, neglecting the vast array of other human experiences.

There is the possibility that our cinematic narratives could prompt different ideals, pose different truths, and offer breathtaking visions of who we are, why we are here and how to better get along.

I believe that cinema can inspire individual and societal transformation, but it is going to take new ways of telling stories and new ways of seeing them to arouse within us a vision of what we are truly capable. That is the work here at ALITUF.


Sandeep began his film career in New York City as a production assistant on Fox's New York Undercover and the HBO series The Sopranos. He also worked on the feature films A Perfect Murder starring Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow and Substance of Fire with Sarah Jessica Parker and Timothy Hutton.

After New York, Sandeep moved to Los Angeles where he worked in production on the films Phoenix with Ray Liotta and Deep Impact with Morgan Freeman and Elijah Wood. He then spent a year in India working on the controversial films Kama Sutra directed by Mira Nair and Fire directed by Deepa Mehta.

After working in India, Sandeep moved back to the U.S. where he worked in advertising as an Associate Producer for DDB Chicago on the Budweiser account. Currently operating out of Chicago and New York, he writes and directs films through his production company A Light in the Universe Filmworks. His films have screened internationally.

He is also an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College Chicago in the Cinema Art + Science department where he has been nominated for excellence in teaching three times during his tenure.

At present, he is in development of two feature length projects.


E: sandeep@alituf.com

C: 212.203.7700