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director + editor: sandeep sharma


Cinema, has emerged as a universal language with the remarkable capacity to extend and elevate us like no other art form, communicating to those deep and shared aspects within all of us no matter what part of the planet we may inhabit.

When presented with profound and resonant story, we become the recipient of a gift that can bring forth a supernal transformation – we are altered in some way, something lingers, something prods, something gestates giving us a glimpse behind the curtain of our truest breadth and depth.

Currently, the majority of our mainstream media feels stalled in old narratives of violence, sensationalized sex and greed, neglecting the vast array of other human experiences and our deeper longings for unity, coherence and love.

There is the possibility that our cinematic narratives could prompt different ideals, pose different truths, and offer breathtaking visions of who we are, why we are here and how to better get along.

I believe that cinema can inspire individual and societal transformation. It is going to take new ways of telling stories and new ways of seeing story and ourselves to arouse a vision that can transform society and the generations that follow.


ALITUF is a content creation company based in Brooklyn New York. I formed ALITUF in the spirit of investing my creative energies to innovate and craft stories that elevate and inspire the human experience.

For those of you wondering ALITUF is the acronym for A LIGHT IN THE UNIVERSE FILMWORKS. It came to me in a dream some years ago.

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