For those of you wondering ALITUF is the acronym for A LIGHT IN THE UNIVERSE FILMWORKS. It came to me in a dream some years ago during an early Fall morning in West Virginia.

I formed ALITUF in the spirit of investing my creative energies to inspire and elevate the human experience through story.


Film has emerged as a universal language with the remarkable potential to alter and elevate us like no other art form in history.

When presented with meaningful story, we become the recipient of a supernal gift that offers us a glimpse into our true breadth and depth as human beings.

It feels to me, we are at a wonderful precipice in storytelling, this chance to jump into new ways of seeing the world and new ways of telling stories inspired by new voices.

I believe that these stories can inspire individual and societal transformations and stir within us breathtaking visions of who we really are, why we are here and how to better get along.

The work here at ALITUF is to contribute to that collective verse.